Learn the basics of pasta.

A free pasta masterclass with five videos covering the basics of pasta dough ingredients, mixing, kneading, and essential pasta making equipment.

Whether you’ve never made pasta before or are simply looking to improve your skills, our free pasta mini masterclass will leave you feeling more confident in your ability to create basic doughs and lay a strong foundation for expanding your fresh pasta knowledge.

Side angle view of a hand is kneading a pale yellow pasta dough on a white speckled surface.

What You'll Learn

  • How to make the two most basic pasta dough: egg pasta dough and semolina pasta dough
  • The differences between Italian pasta flours and when to use each
  • Mixing and kneading techniques, plus how to know when your dough is kneaded enough
  • How to sheet your pasta dough using a hand-cranked pasta machine in order to have the smoothest silkiest pasta
  • The most essential pasta tools to have in your kitchen (it’s not as many as you think!)