Wooden Pasta Board

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Some call it a pastry board, but we say pasta board, because well, we’re pasta-obsessed.

This large board is made out of 100% maple hardwood, an ideal surface for kneading and rolling pasta thanks to its natural porosity, which absorbs excess moisture and prevents your dough from sticking. Another reason why wood is important for pasta making? The textured grain of the wood imparts a porous texture onto your dough that will aid your pasta in capturing the most sauce. Plus, the natural warmth of the wood is a crucial element because pasta dough does not like to be cold. Still not convinced? Wood is what the sfogline (pasta makers) of Italy have used for centuries. Tradition for the win!

With a sturdy lip on either side, this wooden pasta board is reversible and rests securely on your counter so that you can put that extra oomph into your kneading.

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Handmade in Iowa.

28″ long, 22″ wide, 2½ ” tall; each lip is 1½” tall; distance from the back of the board to the lip is 0.75″

Made of 100% maple wood.

Only use your pasta board for pastry, bread, and pasta dough. After each use, thoroughly scrape off any bits of dough and flour with a bench scraper. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Never soak your board in water and do not wash with harsh detergents. If you notice the wood is looking dry, apply a coat of food-grade mineral oil with a soft cloth.

About the Maker

This large wooden pasta board was designed in collaboration with an American woodworker, stamped with the q.b. Cucina logo of approval. There is one lip place on the bottom and on the top, which makes the board not only reversible but also helps prevent warping.

How to Use

Set the board on a wide and flat surface and rest the bottom lip over the edge. Use the board to mix, knead, and cut pasta dough. To clean, use a sturdy bench scraper to remove any bits of dough that have stuck to the board. Wipe clean with a damp rag.