The Quanto Basta Cookbook Club

The best Italian cookbook club on the internet.

So you’re a fan of Italian cooking–there’s no doubt about it.

If you’re like us, then you probably have an ever-growing collection of Italian cookbooks sitting on your shelf, that you turn to for ideas and inspiration. Here at q.b. Cucina, we’re cookbook-aholics. We love the way they look, the way they feel, and even the way they smell!

You love the feeling of jumping back and forth from the book to the countertop. And you likely know no greater satisfaction than pulling a perfectly roasted pan of pine nuts from the oven to sprinkle over a handmade butternut squash ravioli later.

You also likely wish you had spent more time cooking —and, perhaps most importantly, tasting—the many recipes from the cookbooks that you skim but never try.

If this sounds like you, then you won’t want to miss the best Italian cookbook club on the internet.

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How does it work?

Cook the Books

Every two months, we cook from one Italian cookbook. These books are pre-selected by our team and carefully chosen to explore various aspects of Italian cooking, from traditional recipes to modern adaptations.

You’ll cook at least one recipe from the book each week (that’s up to 52 new recipes to keep in your kitchen arsenal!). Some of the recipes will be selected by our team, while others will be your choice.

A woman is holding up a thin piece of dough, stretched out between her hands. Below it is a pan covered in another thin sheet of pastry, and dotted with a white soft cheese. The woman is smiling.

Build Connection

Chat with other members in a private online forum and share your thoughts and questions as we cook our way through each book. Need an idea for a substitution? Make a revelation while rolling out dough? Hit the chat!

Some of our members have even met up in person and we plan to host our first official in-person meet up this year.

Virtual Events

Each month, we host a virtual meetup for the community to get together, chat about the book, our latest meals, and, generally, connect more deeply. This will be a time when you grab a glass of wine and laugh on a video conference with some foodie friends from around the globe.

We also have an Expert Event, either with the cookbook author or an expert on another Italian culinary subject matter. Members also enjoy access to past video recordings from author events!

Exclusive Perks

All active members enjoy 10% off orders from

We occasionally also have other special discounts and free swag through our Cookbook Club authors!


Click one of the buttons below to learn more about membership options and join the club.

From our members...

We a see an assortment of Italian cookbooks, stacked next to and on top of each other.

Which books have we cooked from?

Check out some of the amazing Italian cookbooks we've cooked from so far!

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! When checking out, please enter the recipient’s name and email address under "shipping" and email us at to let us know the name and email of the person joining the club.

Yes! If you are non-U.S. resident, please visit this product page.

We do not offer refunds after a membership has been paid for. If you are not happy with your membership and would like to cancel, we can offer a prorated amount of store credit.

When you register for the QB Cookbook Club, your membership won’t begin until the next cookbook cohort kicks off. For example, if you sign up in March, your membership may not begun until May 1. See registration date details on product page when signing up.

We have chosen to keep the titles of the books we’ll be cooking from top secret in order to keep things exciting and remove the temptation to jump ahead. After you sign up, we’ll announce the title of the first book. For the remaining books, we’ll announce those titles 3 weeks prior to cooking from them so you’ll have plenty of time to source the book.

We offer multiple types of Cookbook Club memberships, including the option to include cookbooks or not include cookbooks.

We hope that this gives our members more flexibility, especially because many of our members already own a lot of Italian cookbooks!

To see all of our membership and pricing options, please visit the product page.

If you sign up for a membership that includes the cookbooks, and you already have one of the books, we encourage you to gift it! We’re glad to add gift wrapping to the book, free of charge, (normally $5) for you to give to a friend or family member. We will not, however, offer partial refunds. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Email us at to request gift wrapping on the book.

We have 1 virtual event each month. Events are usually scheduled between 6-9 pm U.S. Eastern Standard Time on weekdays and between 12-9 pm U.S. Eastern Standard Time on the weekends. We try to vary the days and times of the week in order to accommodate everyone’s schedules. If you cannot attend a virtual event, you’ll have access to the recording that you can watch on your own.

No, but we encourage you to participate as much as you can! The more you put in, the more you will get out of it. We do our best accommodate everyone’s schedules when planning the virtual events. If you miss an Expert Event, you can always watch the recording after!

With every cookbook, we try our best to assign a variety of recipes. Many of the recipes we cook are naturally vegetarian. We encourage members with dietary restrictions to make their own substitutions. If there is an assigned recipe that is too difficult to alter, you can simply skip that recipe for that week or cook another recipe from the book.

Also, we alternate between assigned recipes and recipes of choice, so you’ll have the option to choose many recipes that better fit your tastes.

We’ve seen amazing collaboration among members in our chat group when it comes to making substitution recommendations!