Half Moon Pasta Bench Scraper

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This multi-purpose tool is a must-have when working with dough. Let’s face it, pasta dough can get a little messy. But fear not – with a bench scraper in your arsenal, you can scrape your pasta board clean and all your worries away.

Whether you’re dividing your pasta dough into smaller pieces or cutting out little pillows of pasta to roll over your gnocchi board, this sturdy stainless steel blade can stand up to it all and slice through any dough with ease. The charming wooden handle and rounded half-moon shape will have you leaving it on the counter instead of stashed in a drawer. Along the edge is a ruler in centimeters, so you can quickly check if the width of your tagliatelle is correct. (Which is 0.6 cm, but you already knew that, right?.)

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4.5 x 6.25 x 0.625 in

Wood handle with a stainless steel scraper.

Hand wash with a mild dish detergent and non abrasive sponge. Dry immediately.

Made in China.