Copper Marcato Pasta Machine

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With its iconic Italian design and patented innovations, the Marcato Atlas 150 Pasta Maker is internationally recognized as the gold standard of manual pasta machines. She’s a true beaut to admire and a real workhorse when it comes to rolling out pasta, featuring durable, oxidation-resistant aluminum rollers that prevent sticking while also magically imparting a porous texture on your dough (read: better sauce-absorbing pasta). There’s also an adjustment knob to allow for 10 different thicknesses and a handy attachment for cutting out fettuccine and tagliolini.

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7.87 × 8.15 × 6.1 in. Rollers produce 150mm wide pasta sheets.

Exterior: copper-wrapped steel. Rollers: anodised (oxidation-resistant) aluminium.

Wipe clean with a dry brush or cloth after each use. To remove pasta dough stuck in the grates, disconnect the attachment and use a rod or brush to scrape out any bits of flour or dough. In case of squeaking, add a few drops of food-safe Vaseline oil to the end of the rollers. Nota bene: never put your pasta machine in the dishwasher.

About the Maker

In 1930, Otello Marcato invented the first-ever pasta rolling machine in a workshop behind his house and sold them to neighbors on his bicycle. Eight years later, he opened a factory in Campodarsego, Padua, where Marcato still produces all of their products today. Their pasta machines are recognized all over the world for their unbeatable quality and iconic Italian style.

How to Use

Roll out silky smooth pasta sheets with ease, thanks to the oxidation-resistant rollers. Use the knob to adjust the thickness of your pasta, which offers 10 different thickness settings, from 4.8-0.6mm. Each machine comes with an attachment piece for cutting out 6.5 mm wide fettuccine and 1.5 mm tagliolini.