Father's Day Gift Guide for Pasta Dads

Written by: Sarah Ubertaccio



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Not sure what to get your pasta-lovin papà for Father’s Day this year? We reached out to a few of our favorite “pasta dads” and asked them to share the pasta-making essentials they love most. From top-notch ingredients to high-quality functional pasta tools , these were their picks. We hope this guide helps you find something extra special for the guy who showed you how to make (and eat!) good pasta. Buona festa del papà!

Jon Bennion

Jon Bennion is a recipe developer and published food columnist who enjoys kitchen adventuring, especially pasta-making. He lives with his wife and daughter in Clancy, Montana. You can check out his kitchen adventures at @intermediatechef

Luca Donofrio

Luca Donofrio has been making pasta professionally for more than 12 years, working as head pasta chef and consulting chef for various restaurants and dining establishments throughout the New York area. Recently, Luca transitioned out of the professional kitchen and into a corporate chef position for RCN Imports, a company that distributes Molino Pasini flour. He currently lives in New Jersey with his wife and two kids. Find him on Instagram at @lucacappuccinodonofrio

Sarah Ubertaccio