Italian Phrase Enamel Bowl

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In Italy, this style of piatto fondo (deep plate) was found in countryside homes and used for every course since the 1800s. Today, you’ll still find this kind of plate in every Italian kitchen. This collection is affectionately known as A Pranzo dalla Nonna – “Lunch at Nonna’s” – because that’s exactly how your grandmother would dish out multiple servings of fresh handmade pasta during a big Sunday lunch.

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Choose from the following hand-painted Italian phrases:

ho ancora fame
I’m still hungry

nessuno cucina come il papà
nobody cooks like dad

nessuno cucina come la mamma
nobody cooks like mom

That’s amore <3
that's love

a tavola non si invecchia mai
one never grows old at the table

la bellezza passa, la fame no
beauty fades, hunger doesn’t

l’ingrediente segreto è l’amore
the secret ingredient is love

l’appetito vien mangiando
eating awakens the appetite

mangia che diventi grande
eat up, so you’ll grow big and strong

Buone Feste
Happy Holidays

8.67 × 1.57 in

Enamelware made in Slovenia. Hand painted in Italy.

Hand wash very gently in cold water with a non-abrasive sponge and gentle dish detergent. The hand-painted phrases are heat-treated but not glazed. Abrasive sponges and sharp knives will scratch the hand-painted decoration. Never put your enamel dishes in the dishwasher or microwave.

Alt Means Old. Based in the Northeastern region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Alt Means Old is dedicated to sourcing vintage Italian housewares that capture the traditional, rare, and thoughtful ways of living before they are lost.