Mattarello Pasta Rolling Pin

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Earn your sfoglia badge of honor with this Italian-style mattarello (rolling pin), designed specifically for rolling out large sheets of pasta by hand. Made of pure North American hard maple wood, each pin is lathe-turned to create that old-fashioned look with modern precision. Although it takes some practice, using a wooden rolling pin to make pasta helps impart a more porous texture on your pasta dough, leading to better sauce absorption. Trust us when we say that the satisfaction of transforming nothing but a little flour and eggs into a gorgeous golden sheet is well worth the sweat!

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36 × 1.8 × 1.8 in

Made of maple wood.

Avoid using water to clean your rolling pin. Instead, rub the rolling pin regularly with mineral oil and natural beeswax to keep the wood supple. If dough gets stuck on the pin, use a dry brush to gently scrub it out, adding a little mineral oil as needed to moisten the hardened dough. Avoid drastic temperature changes and use regularly to prevent warping. Store pin in canvas bag or a box.

Handmade in Canada.