Marcato Otello Pasta Machine

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Introducing the Otello Marcato Pasta Machine, a gorgeous limited edition collector’s item that pays homage to the producer’s visionary founder, Otello Marcato. Inspired by the company’s rich heritage that began in 1930, Otello seamlessly blends traditional design with cutting-edge technology and premium materials. Crafted from oxidation-resistant aluminum in a soft champagne hue and a solid elm wood bade, the Otello pasta machine exudes vintage charm while delivering modern functionality, making it a must-have for pasta enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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7.87 × 8.15 × 6.1 in. Rollers produce 150 mm-wide pasta sheets

Anodised (oxidation-resistant) aluminum; elm wood.

Wipe clean with a dry brush or cloth after each use. To remove pasta dough stuck in the combs, disconnect the combs and use a dry brush to scrape out any bits of flour or dough. Nota bene: never put your pasta machine in the dishwasher.