Cortona Splatterware Breakfast Jug

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The cornerstone of the breakfast table setting is almost certainly the jug. The ‘Colazione’ jug or ‘Breakfast’ jug holds approximately one liter, perfect for freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice. However, we won’t blame you if you decide to get a little creative and use the jug for some prebatched cocktails on a hot summer’s day or display it as a centerpiece to hold hand-picked wildflowers.

All splatterware is made to order and ships from Italy within 6-8 weeks. Gift wrap not available.

Handmade and hand-painted in Cortona, Italy in collaboration with IVO Angel and artisan, Giulio Lucarini.

3.5 × 7.9 in

Glazed terracotta.

Microwave and dishwasher safe. Do not place in oven.

About the Maker

Known as “schizzato” in Italy, splatterware comes from humble origins. This centuries-old technique was used to easily add a splash of color to everyday earthenware which was otherwise unadorned. Our new stunning collaboration with IVO Angel and artisan Giulio Lucarini features a duo-tone Tuscan green on an ivory base. Each piece is handmade and hand-painted to order by Lucarini in his Cortona ceramic studio where he preserves this traditional art form.

A man with a gray beard is holding a broom-like brush. The brush is dripping paint over a bowl. We can see in the background that there is some kind of pottery studio.