Brass Pasta Ferretto

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Taken from the word ferro, or iron, this brass utensil is used for making long, tubular pasta shapes like busiate, bucatini, maccheroni, and even homemade fusilli. In the past, inventive cooks used reeds or sticks to make their shapes, though today’s home cooks rely more on wire or metal tools like these. Typically used for durum wheat pasta shapes, roll your dough around the ferretto for a delightfully corkscrew-style result (perfect for catching sauce, of course).

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Al Marangoun

11.5 in

Made of brass.

Brass is best cleaned naturally! To clean brass tools, take a clean rag and dampen in a mixture of water and lemon juice, or water and baking soda. Squeeze out excess water and gently rub the brass to clean off any dough or flour stuck to the surface. Allow tools to dry in a cool, ventilated place. Note: never run tools through dishwasher, and do not use dish soap.

About the Maker

For almost 30 years, Marco Galavotti, has been crafting artisanal tools for the kitchen in his workshop in Modena Italy. He works under the pseudo name, Al Marangoun, meaning “carpenter” or “ax man” in Modenese dialect. And indeed, the tools he creates, mostly made of wood, are reminiscent of a carpenter’s work. Every week, he sells his tools at various markets in small towns scattered throughout Emilia-Romagna.

How to Use

Use this pasta rod to make a variety of pasta shapes, including maccherino al ferro, busiate, and casarecce. Press the rod into your dough and roll using the palm of your hand. Make sure the dough isn't too wet, or it'll stick to the rod.