Liguria: The Cookbook

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Introducing American readers to the culinary treasures of Italy's Liguria region—also known as the Italian Riviera—this book unveils a collection of inventive, seasonally inspired, waste-conscious, and plant-forward dishes crafted with the home cook in mind.

While Italian cuisine remains timeless, the gastronomic wealth of Liguria, home to iconic delights such as focaccia, pesto, and the Cinque Terre, has often been overshadowed. Laurel Evans, an award-winning author and food writer, has delved into the culinary landscape of Liguria for 15 years. Her journey began when her Italian boyfriend (now husband and the photographer for this book) introduced her to his family's hillside villa in Moneglia along the Mediterranean coast.

Immersing herself in kitchens, markets, and restaurants, Evans cultivated relationships with local chefs, producers, shopkeepers, and grandmothers (nonne) who are the heartbeat of Ligurian cuisine. This book encapsulates her discoveries—a cuisine that is both aesthetically pleasing and unpretentious, rooted in plant-based principles and waste-conscious practices, enriched with a unique spirit and history that she unveils for readers new to the region.

*QB Cookbook Club Pick: This book was chosen for our March-April 2024 Italian cookbook club selection, where we’ll cook 1 recipe each week from the book. Learn more about the QB Cookbook Club

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Laurel Evans is an award-winning cookbook author, television personality, and food writer, raised in Texas and based in Italy, between Milan and Liguria. To learn more, please visit She is also author of the bilingual, award-winning blog Un’Americana in Cucina (an American in the Kitchen). Working closely as a team with her Italian husband, photographer Emilo Scoti, she has published four cookbooks in Italian about traditional American cuisine, before releasing “Liguria, The Cookbook,” in English. Today, you can find her on jury panels for international cooking competitions, in her home kitchen developing recipes and dodging rambunctious children, coordinating photo shoots and documentaries, performing cooking demos for selected brands, harvesting olives off the family land in Liguria, or simply enjoying a Campari spritz at one of her many favorite aperitivo spots in Milan.


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